What is Old 80's about?

These are not just pictures with a dinosaur on them. These are polaroids of a 30-year-old Californian from the eighties who struggles to find himself. Andy tries various life paths and characters, taking pictures of himself for the memories. One day, he will finally find his calling. But until that moment, he will fill our collection with unique and fun pictures of his trials and errors.

Randomize Andy

You have six areas with two random elements,
compose your own image of Andy.



Old 80’s is a collection of NFT polaroids from the 80’s. Our team has created enjoyable lore, style, and unique look for this collection. We have focused on fashion, tastes, and items from the 80’s. Each element is well-studied and authentic. If there are characters, their peak popularity was from 1980 to 1989. The same goes for clothing, design, and other details.

Each NFT is unique and software-generated from over 350 possible traits in 17 categories. In addition, specific traits are less common, increasing the rarity of NFTs. The distribution of tokens is absolutely fair. No one, including our team, knows who gets what. Options for fraud or insider information abuse are excluded. The smart contract audit from TOP-1 blockchain audit company CertiK can be checked here: https://www.certik.com/projects/old-80s

One of our main goals is to study the utility matter. So we include numerous exciting things into the project's roadmap and the after-sale period. And, of course, benefits for the Old 80's holders in our blockchain games as the primary utility option.

Episodes about andy

During his self-searching, our hero, Andy the dinosaur, decided to start seeing a therapist. Each session begins with Andy coming in a new role because each time, he believes he has finally found his calling. And each time a session ends with him realizing he found something wrong...

Within 24 episodes, our humorous web series will tell the story of Andy visiting his therapist. We believe everybody who has ever struggled to find themselves will like it and find something familiar in Andy's searches. The short format of episodes won't get you bored, while the combination of Andy's child spontaneity and Ms. Taylor's intellectual irony will create a unique atmosphere for the project.


This is a fun and addictive arcade game where players join Andy in his extreme hobby. Game mechanics are pretty simple, however, the gameplay is so catchy that the thrill takes over and makes players try their limits over and over.

But the most fascinating part of Skater Andy is that players will receive significant rewards while playing the game. And by saying significant, we mean it. Prizes either from our company’s other projects or from across the whole NFT world will be waiting for the luckiest and most skilled gamers!