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“Whoa, cool! Hey guys, over here!”

It was a box of Polaroid depicting the most compelling images.

They were ancient, and the quality had deteriorated, but somehow that piqued our interest even more.

We dug through the small pile, fascinated by what we saw. No two photos were the same, we tried putting them together, but they told no story, which led us to wonder what was the photographers’ aim.
“Look, there are tapes too. Perhaps we can gather some understanding from them.”

I observed one of the photos more closely, holding it out from behind my shadow. As the light hit it, I was overwhelmed by the energy it emanated.

I felt I was being drawn into the image and could feel the atmosphere of the moment captured. I blinked, completely engrossed. I set it down and picked up another.

The effect was the same. Each Polaroid had its own narrative, engulfing you into an old-time, giving you a taste of what the world was years ago.

“The world needs to see this,”
I said absently.
“I wonder how old they are.”

We gathered the box’s contents and carried it with us as we continued to look through the old Californian house.

The atmosphere absorbed us, but only the materials found were spinning in my head. Soon we left the house and went home.

“Hey, where are we going to get a video camera?”
Eager to see the tapes, we looked around at each other.
“I’m sure we could find one if we checked,”
It was silent for a short minute.
“Wait, I know!”

I exclaimed. We visited a friend of my father’s who was something of a collector of gadgets.

I remember seeing him as a child and finding his home quite strange for the many odd types of equipment he had lying around.

Entering his house today was no different.

It was like a tech store…an ancient, vintage tech store. I greeted him fondly and told him what we needed. He smiled a crooked smile.

“Happy to help.”
Walking into a room at the back of the house, my friends stared at the older man’s assortment. We reached the room. He stuck his head into a corner.
“Here we are.”
He said, grunting as he retrieved a giant camera looking at it lovingly. He told us how it worked and offered to put the tape in. In no time, we were watching the video.
“Hi, I’m Andy…”

It started. We watched with wide eyes and twitching ears. It was curiosity overload. As we got into the tapes, watching them all thoroughly regardless of the agitating interference, we understood that Andy was having a challenge. He could not decide on a career, which was the reason for taking all these random pictures.

The idea stupefied us. The photos themselves were a niche. They were a uniquely odd, never-yet-seen-before set of images that would tickle the fancy of many a man. There may not have been opportunities to establish a business for such a thing in the 80’s, but it was undoubtedly the opposite today. We had to put them into public view. They were too awesome not to share.

“Guys, we have to get these out there. Look at these photos. They’re the coolest thing. Have you ever seen anything like it?”
I exclaimed, pushing one into the old man’s hands.
“You can’t sell them like this, though, that’s for sure. You need to do something with all these photos before they fade.”
“Let’s digitize them!”

My friend’s outburst. I’ve never heard of a more exciting idea. It was the perfect way to share Andy’s work with a modernized world.

We continued to discuss it, brainstorming how we would go about getting it done.

We would strike up a social media following and publish Andy’s introductory video as we decipher the rest.

We would improve the quality by adding some sharpness and some more color.

It was exciting as it was. Nothing much needed to be done. Sure, it will take us some time to decode all the videos, but I thought our excitement and curiosity would keep us driven, and people love suspense.

After learning about Andy and becoming curious themselves concerning what it could all be about, they’ll be waiting on the edge of their seats for the deciphered messages.

A thought shook me. What if Andy was still alive? The introductory video shared he was only thirty years old.

If it was the eighties and he was thirty, he could very well be. I pondered, “It’s never too late to start a career” if we could only find him.

“Do you guys think we could locate Andy? Share this idea with him?”
I contemplated.
“That would be pretty sweet. He’d finally see something become of his work.”
“Yeah…but how would we find him? None of the videos said anything about his background.”
“But guys…if we’re going to publish his video and the deciphered messages, I mean, it’s the internet. Don’t you think it’ll blow up and reach him somehow?”

I froze at the words. He was right! With every sale and every share, we’ll be one step closer to getting Andy’s attention.

Every purchase would accelerate our tracking process, and when we do find him, the whole world will hear his story first hand. We’ll make it a part of each post. Under each video uploaded, we call our audience to action: ‘Let’s find Andy. Watch, like, share.’ 

This was the beginning of a long journey. To be continued...